Monday, August 2, 2010

Reading and watching the stuff for this week I was interested in the ongoing debate about 'networks' versus 'communities' and especially the reading about differing levels of participation in communities. Some of the issues covered in this applied to a discussion board a few years ago with one person posing as multiple identities and aiming to create conflict. Great food for thought. Moderation is obviously a key aspect for these.

And I got distracted by the advertising of other videos and watched a short clip on facilitation with 'disruptive' learners. I am totally blown away by what is online - not just the comic clips and other frivolity my children keep pasting on their facebook. Lots of short clips to show me how to 'do stuff' too.

it seems online communities remain very fluid and we have to be very flexible.... Looking forward to maybe making it to the next eluminate meeting. The differences between synchronous and asynchronous learning highlighted aspects I had not even considered under this definition.

The seven tips for great facilitation, yes I would agree totally with these. How to challenge yet support and keep the environment safe are probably the most tricky.


  1. Hi Gillian,

    I completely agree with your comment about distraction by the rabbit holes we can go down as we explore the many aspects of online media. I have discovered an enormous capacity for distractability and, dare I really admit it? Time wasting. I think I have plumbed new depths of procrastination too.

    Both these tendencies of mine will require strong and determined management and 'moderation'. In that vein, I'm not sure how I would go moderating the kind of conversation that you alluded to with the multiple personality character who sought to create conflict.

    Keeping the environment safe and yet vibrant and interactive are big challenges and also opportunities for development, as you say.

    So much to learn... whew.

  2. Hi Gillian, please can you do me a favour and put a title on all your blog posts - it makes things much easier to follow :)