Friday, September 17, 2010

The frustration of exclusion

Reflections on the use of twitter for an online discussion. I can see how it might work, bit like a msn messaging system or a skype with the written board underneath. But as I could not participate due to some unknown issue I learnt what it is like to feel totally impotent and unheard, rather like in a face to face session dominated by one particular adult asking all the questions at length. so as a lesson in what it feels like to be included gives good food for thought.

Usual issue with this online stuff is the 'technology' and getting it to work for everyone. At least with face to face if I can get my 'body' there there is some opportunity to participate and interact. the importance of knowing the technology and how to coach someone through it is ever present. Not sure I have the technological competence to do the coaching bit yet. Do I have the time/will to put in the hours to 'play' over and above what I use already.....

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  1. Hi Gilian, sorry yesterday's Twitter experience was not very helpful. In the end, the judgement call about whether 'playing' with technology is with it is entirely down to you. As for me, Twitter, Skype, Facebok...have all opened doors to learning opportunities that I would never have in the F2F context...