Monday, August 9, 2010

Three weeks in and I am sooo frustrated to find I shall miss both meetings this week due to family commitments and a workshop I have to run in real time on Saturday. I enjoyed greatly the presentation on the use of second life [what a great idea to provide virtual role playing as a learning aspect] and put in lots of smiley faces during the meeting to try to show I was paying attention to it. Read also the evaluator's report on this as I am trying to get to grips with the nature of evaluation as well. I need to listen again but there were some really valuable comments made that I could totally get the point of.

I must make time to hear the recorded sessions and do all the homework still. Still not sure if it will be possible to arrange to facilitate a meeting in our setting so will remain as an informal participant I think. Even the observation role and learning what is possible has given me huge confidence to do more exploring and paying attention to what is actually happening in my setting.


  1. Hi Gillian
    Great to met you here! I have come into the course rather late so am spending time catching up and reading through the content and the blogs. Am loving all the learning. Look forward to catching up with you more online :-)

  2. Hi Gillian,please can you do me a favour and give each of your blog posts a title so I can hook your blog posts into the course blog etc